Shark teeth 101 – Beach hunting tips | Danielle’s Dives Blog

I am getting ready to go on my first shark teeth dive in Venice, Florida next weekend. With the upcoming trip, I thought it might be good to get a handle on what to expect and if possible, search out some of the best ways to get the shark loot. I think it is a…
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Facebook, Instagram go down around the world in an apparent outage


Having trouble accessing Facebook or Instagram Wednesday afternoon? You weren’t alone.
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Natural Homemade Magnesium “Chill Pill” Gummies Great For Insomnia, Anxiety, And Stress | The Hearty Soul

Stress-Busting Magnesium Chews Recipe
Try this simple home remedy for a convenient way to supplement your magnesium intake and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety.
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6 Food Cravings that Signal Vitamin Deficiency | B12 Patch : B12 Patch

6 Food Cravings that Signal Vitamin Deficiency | B12 Patch : B12 Patch
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An interesting read on what food cravings may be telling us

Florida Monkeys Possibly Carrying Deadly Herpes Virus Could Double Population Size By 2022

Priest explained that it’s extremely rare for humans to contract herpes B, but said it’s possible if they are bitten or scratched by a monkey or in contact with a monkey’s body fluids or tissue.
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ABC speaks with an expert in Miami on ways to avoid Alligator Attacks

Hilton Head woman killed by alligator while walking dog | Island Packet

Hilton Head woman killed by alligator while walking dog | Island Packet
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“I’m not touching youuuu” Spirit risks her life freaking out Pocket

You’re freakin me out, man!
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17 Homemade Dog Treats Your Pet Will Absolutely Love

Homemade dog treats are better for your dog than the store bought varieties. Check out this list of awesome homemade dog treats.
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I currently buy organic gmo free peanut butter dog treats from Sam’s Club. I’m posting this fooling myself that I’m going to make these for our pooches

Barometric pressure headaches and migraines: What you need to know

A look at barometric pressure headaches and migraines, which is where weather causes pain. Whilst researchers are yet to provide a definitive link, a study by the American Migraine Foundation found more than a third of people with migraines claim that weather patterns trigger their headaches at least some of the time.
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Ok…it has GOT to be the weather! Either the heat or the barometric. The Kid just walked through and said that she has been getting small heads recently! I know I have been keeping a headache to varying degrees with having had a migraine several days ago. Also, I’ve seen post after post on Facebook about headaches and migraines.